Jeffrey Eli

Released on July 2, 2020

Jeffrey Eli

Designed by Mikey Lavi and brought to life by Nikita Biswas' polychromatic, butterfly-permeated animation, Jeffrey Eli’s “NAUSEOUS” is a lyrical representation of the labor of combatting your own mind. This track is an honest plunge into the mental health climate of a 19-year-old living in the year 2020. With soft, exposed vocals, Jeffrey Eli sings the sentiment “I can’t get out of my head,” which is the case for so many living in a universe buzzing with opinions and preferences leaving others at a disadvantage and creating the ideal environment for negative thought-life to thrive.

Though the soil is primed for mental instability, Jeffrey Eli’s courage in sharing his voice is a perfect representation of the tenacity of the human spirit. It captures the importance of embracing anxieties and transforming them into something beautiful and vulnerable instead of getting lost in their crippling, taunting power.

Sharing his musical capabilities online (through Vine) since he was 13, brought Jeffrey Eli into the lives of many grateful listeners, which unfortunately also invited the voices of bullies and internet trolls. Through the processing of his mistreatment, he found his own voice and shares it freely, even when the expression is vulnerable.

This lyrical animation was created in collaboration with Quadio, a social streaming service directly informing the world of the freshest music coming out of college communities.

NAUSEOUS (Lyric Video)

Nikita Biswas

Mikey Lavi

Laney Esper

Eric Weiner