Jaws of Love.

Released on January 14, 2018

Jaws of Love.

Kelcey Ayer debuted his talents as solo artist Jaws of Love. last summer, and we decided to capture his robust yet gentle vocals in a Buzzsession featuring songs "Love Me Like I'm Gone." and "Nightlight." Filmed in the apartment of a friend in Los Angeles, the intimate setting for this session complemented the vulnerable, sentimental lyrics that have tinged Jaws of Love.'s songs with both hope and heartache. A hauntingly beautiful piano is Ayer's sole accompaniment, making for a wholehearted performance sure to sweep you away.

As a vocalist and songwriter for Local Natives since 2005, it is no wonder Ayer can so easily evoke such earnest emotion from listeners. Skillfully grappling with the whole range of human emotion, "Love Me Like I'm Gone." weaves together a small but intense narrative of the grim fears and small comforts that all come with loving another. In "Nightlight.," a pledge to be there to support and guide a loved one actually does create a lightness from a darker, romantic piano backdrop. Jaws of Love. gripped us by the heartstrings and we hope our viewers are similarly captivated by his performance. Be on the lookout for upcoming tour dates.

Love Me Like I'm Gone.

Director & Editor

Eric Weiner

Engineer & Mixer

Audio Assistant
Ari Berl

Production Assistant
Sarah Healey


Sarvani Ramcharran