Released on April 16, 2018


Bloomington, Indiana band, Hoops, joined us at Shifted Recording in Brooklyn for a Buzzsession featuring songs off their debut album, Routines. Released last spring, Routines opened the doors for Hoops to tour all over the United States and in the UK. The band blends two of the best genres, creating dream pop woken up with elements of indie rock. A union of retro haziness with contemporary edge, these guys are a refreshing addition to the music world. This session was a collaboration with our friends at D'Angelico Guitars, who lent us one of their quality guitars for the day. It was hard to keep our hands off that thing of beauty.

Hoops' late 90s, lo-fi style really come through in this performance. Their sound lives in the same neighborhood as Beach Fossils, Real Estate, and even at times, The Strokes. Slow, faraway vocals reverberate through an ocean deep with heavy synth and mellow bass, carrying with them lyrics about self-doubt and the encouragement to move past it. A subtle but powerful electric guitar rhythmically pulses through each song, giving a special vitality to the lulling quality of their music. We're jazzed to share this fun, lively session with you.

Underwater Theme

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Camera Operators
Eric Weiner

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Production Assistants
Modesta Zemgulyte
Deanna DiLandro
Berkley Kirsche
Melissa Ann Ortez
Hannah Maier-Katkin

Sarvani Ramcharran