Released on February 19, 2019


This dreamy Buzzsession filmed at Douglass Recording in Brooklyn is a beautiful look at how Glassio creates the haunting "Weight Of The World ll." This melancholy pop tune starts out with only minimal piano and builds on itself until there are strings, synths, guitars and more. The Buzzsession, directed by Julio Dowansingh, is the perfect pairing to this gloom-pop tune. The viewer easily feels like they are hanging out at the studio with Glassio, sitting in on a recording going through the phases of the song along with the musicians. 

The slow build of "Weight Of The World ll" creates a soundscape that perfectly conveys the lonely lyrics, "faithful companions always lose" and the echo of "I know I'll be making the same mistakes without you." This beautifully orchestrated video doesn't give you any hints of the other instruments to come until you already hear them which makes it all the more powerful. We start the song with our frontman Sam Radseresht alone at the piano, which is the same way we end the video. After building a beautiful wall of sound with several distinct instruments playing all at once, they all pull out and we are left alone once again. A powerful way to end a powerful electro-chill track. 

Weight Of The World II

Julio Dowansingh

Eric Weiner

Scott Sweitzer

Camera Operators
Emily O'Leary
Stephen Szmed
Aaron Trujillo

Gina Vosti

Sam Radseresht

Production Coordinator
Marki Yaccino

Kyra Bruce

Production Assistants
Marli Delaney
Mark Ricky
Aley Kate McKinley