Garrett Kato

Released on July 31, 2020

Garrett Kato

Scrapbooks are a way to create a sense of permanence. As a culmination of photographs, stickers, drawings, and words, they are a home for memories to live indefinitely. Garrett Kato achieves the scrapbooking effect in his music video for his song “Permanently.” The track speaks to the ending of a relationship and longing for how things used to be. The video starts with a definition of the word “permanently,” similarly to how the beginning of a scrapbook may start with “Summer 2016.” Throughout the video seemingly random images are glued together ranging from a teacup sitting on a mountain next to an oversized flock of birds to a woman in a field of flowers with fish in the sky. Though they may seem random to us, it is the little things in a relationship, that no one else but the couple sees, that stimulate old memories. One thing that remains consistent throughout the video is a ticking clock, symbolizing that time doesn’t stop and change is inevitable. But even when the recollection of the past becomes clouded, Kato shows us that there is always a way to remember.


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