Garrett Kato

Released on May 4, 2020

Garrett Kato

Canadian-born, Byron Bay-based singer-songwriter Garrett Kato teamed up with The Wild Honey to produce a charming, paper cut-out music video for his latest single, "Moon." The track, which is a follow-up to Kato's acclaimed S'hemisphere EP, begins with a delicate guitar line, perfectly matching the set up of a colorful, paper world. Kato's warm and inviting vocals pull us in further as we are introduced to our protagonist, a young boy wearing glasses. This collage of a world unfolds as we watch the boy set off on a space-bound journey while Kato sings of having a sense of home despite the places life can take you.

As the music builds and our character gets closer to his final destination, Kato poignantly sings, "dust, it settles in your mind / And darkness hides behind those eyes / Soon I know you'll be feeling fine / So I'll lay beside you in the darkest nights." A collage of spirals and faded images of the things the boy left on Earth fill the space before the song returns to a delicate and calm place as he settles into his new home on the moon.


Director & Animator
Andrew Colin Beck

Eric Weiner

Ally Rincón