Donovan Woods

Released on January 9, 2019

Donovan Woods

Hailing from Ontario, Canada singer-songwriter Donovan Woods has spent his lifetime writing swoon-worthy songs, many of which have found their way into shows and movies that we love. Known for his gorgeous voice and finger-picked guitar style, it is hard not to fall in love with his music upon first listen. For this home movie style Buzzsession directed by Carlyn Hudson, he joined us in Los Angeles to give us a performance of his song "Another Way" off of his fifth studio album Both Ways. It feels only right to have filmed this session in a cozy house that comes with an adorable dog, as home has always been the place to listen to a good story.

In "Another Way," Donovan Woods sings of complex feelings and unearthed thoughts about the day of a groom's second wedding. After seeing a wedding about to take place in a hotel in Michigan, Woods felt inspired to write a song that seems so personal and reflective one could easily assume it's his own story. Joined with the rich musical landscape his band brings to this song, this Buzzsession feels as if it could be a family style jam session after a holiday meal. Just like a home movie, we are filled with nostalgic whimsy when Donovan Woods sings and within his storytelling he somehow, he takes us back to a day we have never lived before but feel as if we had.

Another Way


Eric Weiner
Sarah King

Camera Operators
Rosie Leisure
Alisa Mast
Ed Ballart

Engineer & Mixer
Eli Goss

Matt Marino


Dara Bankole