Cut Worms

Released on March 19, 2018

Cut Worms

We are thrilled to boast the talents of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Max Clarke who performs as Cut Worms. Clarke relocated from Chicago to New York City in October 2015 and wasted no time breaking into the music scene with the release of his EP Alien Sounds in 2017. Listening to his unique style was like opening a time capsule from the '60s and '70s, and we were immediately hooked. Shot at Vinegar Hill Sound in Dumbo, the monochromatic and saturated set for this Buzzsession creates a vintage ambiance that lowlights Cut Worms' bright and buoyant performance. 

If there were a "Sounds of Spring Break" collection, Cut Worms would definitely make their way onto the track listings. A carefree, wholesome sunniness that beckons to mind The Beach Boys gives Cut Worms a retro sound you didn't know you've been missing. The honky-tonk piano and shimmery tambourine in this session compliment Clarke's distorted, Beatles-esque vocals, adding to the thrifty aesthetic. Cut Worms has flawlessly managed to capture the lo-fi nostalgia of a youthful counterculture, and we can't wait to keep travelling time through his music. His full-length LP is scheduled for a May 2018 release and you can catch him on tour.

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Eric Weiner

Camera Operators

Engineer & Mixer

Associate Producer
Connor Donahue

Production Assistants
Ariel Ubaldegaray
Jack McLoughlin

Sarvani Ramcharran