Released on April 2, 2015


The sound of Nashville’s COIN is an upbeat swell of energetic pop. The band channels a youthful, existential fervor that yields a shiny alloy of rhythm and lyricism. Lead singer and synth specialist, Chase Lawrence, brings an impressive range of emotions to his vocals. His expressions leave the listener wallowing in the fleeting nature of life while reveling in its euphoria. Lead strummer, Joe Memmel, sends groovy pulses that are nothing but infectious.

When COIN came through New York City, we made sure to book some time for them in our favorite studio in Long Island City, The Motel Room Studios. The fellas made this their last stop on their tour before returning to Tennessee.

Fingers Crossed

Director & Producer
Stephen Robinson

Camera Operators
Garland Berenzy
David O'Donohue
Stephen Robinson

Engineer & Mixer
Dan Crowley

Jake Benrubi

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie