Cigarettes After Sex

Released on June 18, 2018

Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex, as their name might suggest, sounds like what the liminal state between post-intimate bliss and sleep feels like. Frontman Greg Gonzalez’s ambient pop vision is alive in this spellbinding Buzzsession filmed at Brooklyn recording studio, Shifted Recording. Monochromatic shots of Gonzalez and bassist Randy Miller roll over “Sunsetz” and “Sweet,” fading into each other as if in a dream. The black-and-white footage is in keeping with the band’s branding and evokes the feeling of a warm, unthreatening darkness, like a night spent with someone you love. Employing the close space of the studio and its high-caliber microphones, this Buzzsession captures Gonzalez’s gentle timbre so clearly, you’d think he were whispering in your ear.

Both “Sunsetz” and “Sweet” are professions of the speaker’s infatuation, but they are neither desperate nor pleading. As you watch and listen, Gonzalez sings, “And when you go away, I still see you,” and “I would gladly break my heart for you,” with calm sincerity. These languid declarations of love over humming guitars are what make Cigarettes After Sex, and this Buzzsession, so intoxicating.




Eric Weiner

Camera Operators
Swelee Joseph

Engineer & Mixer

Michael Digioia

Associate Producer

A.J. Serrano

Mike Pacyna

Production Assistants
Stacey Jewell
Deanna DiLandro
Modesta Zemgulyte
Ariel Ubaldegaray
Sarvani Ramcharran


Haley Walker