Chris LaRocca

Released on December 19, 2023

Chris LaRocca

Chris LaRocca records a Buzzsession: Family Meal live at Le Fanfare in Brooklyn while making the traditional Sardinian pasta, Culurgiones, with Chef Michela Medda. Watch the pair create something delicious before Chris LaRocca performs live versions of "bad", "linger" and "i cried my eyes out". Buzzsessions: Family Meal are performance music videos produced by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, we record our favorite bands as they record studio quality versions of their songs, with a dash of the culinary arts mixed in. Thanks to Le Fanfare and Red Bull Records for helping us bring this collab to life.

The Wild Honey Pie Buzzsession Family Meal

i cried my eyes out

Eric Weiner

Eric Weiner

Associate Producer
Lucy Dunning

Camera Operators
Chromoscope Pictures

Jake Cheriff

Myles Rodenhouse

Ryan Brown

Chef Michela Medda