Released on March 12, 2018


Dan Molad is a longtime friend and favorite of The Wild Honey Pie, so when the Lucius drummer made his solo debut as Chimney last summer we knew we had to do a Buzzsession. Besides being a skillful drummer, Molad also is a producer for Lucius and has done production work for artists like San Fermin, Tweedy and JD McPherson. With such an impressive career behind the scenes, it was our pleasure to put his vast talent as a singer and musician front and center. We shot in Los Angeles at his own home, the perfect setting for this inviting and vulnerable session.

"Paintings Are the Only Place You Never Lied to Me" opens with a crackling sound bite of Molad discussing how the loss of his friend impacted his songwriting. The song weaves quiet, thoughtful mourning into a mellow but bouncy melody. Accented with bright, twangy guitar and Molad's whistling, the gentle drawl of his vocals temper the angst of his lyrics and the pain behind them. "Fuel Us All" takes a dreamier turn, with a spacey, far-away sound that gives amazing dimension to the childlike hopefulness in his lyrics. This warm and pensive session is an ideal prelude to Chimney's solid artistry. You can indulge in the rest of Chimney's self-titled album here

Paintings Are the Only Place You Never Lied to Me


Sarah King

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Patrick Adelman

Dan Molad

Steve Kaye

Audio Assistant
Yianni Anastos-Prastacos

Camera Operators
Quinn Feldman
Cuauhtzin Gutierrez


Sarvani Ramcharran