Released on November 18, 2022


Follow the long and winding road to the vibrant world of “Sayulita” in the latest Cayucas official music video, directed and animated by our very own Gabriela Sibilska. Dreamy illustrations of the title town guide the listener into a community of characters, many of whom have mastered a slow and romantic life by the sea. One suave gentleman watches dolphins from the shore until stars take shape in the sky.  Another sits outside a cafe through dusk with a pen and unwritten postcard, as if to show how words alone fall short when attempt to describe perfect peace.

Sibilska noted vintage postcards as an inspiration for this world, which she crafted by hand to create a sense of home. Its scenic backdrops were developed with help from friend, Hoda Ramy, and every frame is hand-drawn. There is life in each brush stroke and the surrounding textures breathe from moment to moment. Her process and result speak to the sense of fulfillment one might feel within Sayulita's culture and well-preserved beauty.


Director & Animator

Lucy Dunning

Eric Weiner

Daphne Ellis

Hoda Ramy