Released on November 23, 2020


Through soaring falsetto harmonies and a glistening surf-rock guitar tone, “From The Rafters,” a track off of Cayucas’ 2020 album Blue Summer, sweeps the listener out on a sunny summer getaway to the band’s home state of California. This original lyric video quickly acclimates the viewer to the seaside atmosphere, as the sounds of seagulls and lapping waves play over a moving pattern reminiscent of light glistening in shallow water. The action kicks off with a hit of the drum and bright strum of the guitar. From that point on, vintage film shots of Southern California life set the tone as the backdrop for the video. 

The playful hand-drawn lyrics of the song appear over these images of surfing, driving and dancing. We follow several endearingly caricatured Californian fellows, as they galavant amongst the lyrics, driving around town, shooting a music video and jamming out. The journey concludes with a long clip of the sun setting over the sublimely beautiful Pacific Ocean. The viewer is left with the deeply satisfying feeling of having experienced a full and carefree day at the beach over the course of the previous three minutes.

From the Rafters (Lyric Video)

Director & Animator
Andrew Colin Beck

Eric Weiner

Emerson Obus