Released on August 5, 2020


Twins Zach and Ben Yudin of Cayucas place us in their new single with a live performance of “Lonely Without You.” Encapsulating the simplistic yet awe-inspiring feelings from visiting the beach, their lyrics describe how a single night in the distant past can lay heavy in your mind and heart. Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is even referenced—with “the albatross over your shoulder” alluding to loneliness as just another form of punishment. Zach and Ben play on the beach while film shots flicker in between their performance, acting like the same memories “flashing from the past” that are being sung about. Blue Summer, their forthcoming full-length album, is slated for release on September 25.

Lonely Without You

Tim Toda

Eric Weiner

Mixing/Mastering Engineer
Yianni Anastos-Prastacos

Elizabeth Shaffer