Cape Francis

Released on December 14, 2018

Cape Francis

Nothing soothes the soul more than watching post-folk band Cape Francis play by the glow of the warm campfire after a long day of soaking in the sunshine by the lake with new friends. Their performance of “What Am I Missing” set an idyllic atmosphere for the closing of an eventful day.

Does this look like fun? Join us for our next Welcome Campers weekend in Massachusetts from May 25-27, 2019. Tickets include food, alcohol, lodging and live music.

Welcome Campers is an all-inclusive music festival meets adult summer camp made possible in 2018 by CLIF Bar, RISE Brewing Co, Harpoon Brewery, Pilot Kombucha, Gowanus Print Lab and Polar Seltzer.

What Am I Missing

Eric Weiner

Camera Operators


Alex DeSimine


First AC
Taylor Thompson

Marki Yaccino