Released on June 16, 2019


New York based Alex Frenkel, the powerhouse behind the mesmerizing Caicosconsistently delivers magnetic and exhilarating music. His new single “Washed Up” is his second release off his upcoming EP, Dream Machine, and continues his legacy of warmly layered, enchanting arrangements. Caicos and illustrator/animator Rozalina Burkova team up with us for the second time to create an official music video for the single. Drawing inspiration from the visuals thought up in Caicos’ lyric, “rock shed its parts and washed up a heart,” Burkova creates an aesthetic, fully imagined story about the relationship between human beings, objects and Earth.

From the initial concept to the final 2D digital animation, Burkova worked for two months to shape five different characters and five different environments that exist within the confines of Caicos rhythmic and psychedelic universe. Burkova’s characters engage with their hazy, geometric worlds in a variety of ways: snapping their fingers to the beat, lounging in fields of flowers, walking or running with single-minded focus and dancing blithely to the gorgeous, airy percussion in "Washed Up." Caico’s hypnotic rhythm inspires Burkova’s captivating animation. She employs an eccentric use of shape, line and color to drive the movement of the song. The characters’ journeys mimic the way the muted beauty of Caico’s song washes over us by culminating in the muted beauty of the environments washing over and merging with the individual beings.

Burkova and Frenkel are at their best here and the effect of the collaboration is euphoric. After this sensational creation, we are craving the release of Caico’s EP via Very Jazzed on June 28, 2019.

Director & Animator

Eric Weiner

Brigid Moser