Released on April 6, 2018


With his entrancing and rhythmic song "Turned Again (Crux)," artist Caicos creates a hypnotizing sound we could not wait to help bring to life in this expertly eccentric music video. Caicos' imaginative lyrics resonated with animator Rozalina Burkova, who brilliantly integrates the song's vivid references to mythology's Medusa into the video's narrative. Caicos and Burkova worked to create a modern twist on the old tale; in this rendition, Medusa is a dancer who "turned again and again to stone" the men who have overstepped her physically. As Burkova describes, the men are born again as flowers that she plants "in stone vases she made, so she still surrounded herself with all those men but they were now passive plants that would dance along with her." 

The goal was to maintain a mythological feel in their musical and visual retelling. Caicos experimentally layers mellow vocals over a sharp, hurried drum machine and a mosaic of other synth sounds. The dynamic ambiance of his song style is embellished by the use of many textures, pencils and brushes in the animation, creating a delightfully surreal experience for both the ear and eye. We eagerly await more music from Caicos, and hope you enjoy what Burkova describes as a "wonderfully weird piece of video."

Turned Again (Crux)


Eric Weiner