Released on May 20, 2020


The Los Angeles based artist Robert Tilden has been musically prolific since he was a young teen, beginning in a garage band and then rising to the solo project known as BOYO, in 2016. Since then, the work he’s released has been abundant and varied in style but altogether united under the umbrella of his signature hypnotic and lo-fi production. This includes “Tough Kid," the third single off of his forthcoming album, Where Have All My Friends Gone? We partnered with him to create the official music video, pairing this track with the work of talented artist Rozalina Burkova

The technicolor waves and bodies undulate and distort in a minimalist homage to neo-impressionism, complimenting the reverb as it wails and ripples across the song like a hungry ghost. The systematic use of lines to create the effect of light lend to BOYO's soothing drone—they both feel like they’re coming at you from across the water or a hazy bog. While it’s nice to float for a while in the limbo of distortion, the bright sound of BOYO's voice singing “Take me to the places I can recognize," will guide you gently to the other side of this dream-like trance.

Tough Kid

Director & Animator
Rozalina Burkova

Eric Weiner

Shasha Léonard