Released on May 12, 2020


Los Angeles-based artist Robert Tilden, better known by his lo-fi bedroom project BOYO, delivers a warm, engaging performance in this week’s Buzzsession. He kicks things off by introducing a song called “Good As Gone” and states that while not many of his songs are the most uplifting, he hopes you find some enjoyment from them. The track illuminates the fact that many things, whether that’s words, relationships or experiences, can be fleeting. As Tilden gently strums his guitar, his steady voice relays the importance of not taking things for granted and not arriving at a place of appreciation before it’s too late. Otherwise, you can end up alone and can’t get back to how things were before. Throughout the video, Tilden is anchored in his basement at his house, occasionally there are shots of him driving perhaps looking for something concrete or just trying to focus on being in the present. 

To follow up, BOYO explains his love of The Strokes and covers one of his favorite songs “Barely Lethal," one that makes him feel lifted and happy. His version invokes the familiar youthful, free-spirited and nostalgic tone that radiates upon listening to the original. He smoothly sings along to the bouncing guitar and you can see the joy springing from his face as he sails through the track. BOYO’s forthcoming record Where Have All My Friends Gone? is out June 26 via Park the Van Records.

Good as Gone

Barely Legal (The Strokes cover)

Producer & Editor
Eric Weiner


Meredith Vance