Blush FM

Released on May 8, 2020

Blush FM

Blush FM delivers two beautiful performances in this Buzzsession. The New York native, Andromeda Hewson, welcomes us into her bedroom. "Move (MOTSA Remix)" is a personal song—finding where to draw her own lines, how to trust and be herself in tough moments. Sung from her bed, it feels like Hewson could be reading straight from her diary. The MOTSA Remix, adding more energy and ethereal atmosphere, showcases Hewson’s elegant, sultry vocals in a new, contrasting light. As her cat paws for the necklace throughout, it’s a cheeky reminder of the song's message—we might not all have the same needs and desires, but to be sure of your own releases you from the stress of trying to control other's. 

A brave cover, taking on “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers, and Blush FM rises to the occasion. Finding passion and simplicity in her rendition, it is intoxicating. The chords linger while Hewson wades through the lyrics. In the context of any other song, this bare arrangement might be haunting. But it feels different here. Brief moments of the cats playing, the sun in the courtyard. The beautiful joys of life, scenes relieved of all concern. The ease in the chorus suggests these are the things that set Blush FM free: the weight of the world lifted, and an earnest plea for more of that feeling. Warm hums lead into the outro, sending off the song on a loving note.

Move (MOTSA Remix)

Lovely Day (Bill Withers cover)

Eric Weiner

Kevin Henthorn

Igor Miná

Max Himelhoch