Best Move

Released on August 19, 2022

Best Move

Tired eyes gaze through a window toward a cat stretching on the sill. There’s a newspaper open with advertisements and pleas for missing objects. When lost, the journey back to oneself requires an effort to see life as it could be again. Sacramento-based folk-pop group, Best Move, speak from that vantage point for healing in “A Lullaby.” The “lullaby from the abyss” is a distant, abstract consciousness for processing and acceptance. Mellow and melancholy, a soft organ blends with bright strings that charge into a content, full-bodied track from Kris Anaya (singer/songwriter), Joe Davancens (keyboardist/composer) and Fernando Oliva (drummer). Anaya’s voice is gentle and encouraging in high and low moments alike. 

The video, directed and animated by Lauren Haug, occupies a similar, multidimensional space by following the protagonist’s path to self-realization. Their dismal, black and white world transforms into a dreamy, technicolor kingdom fit for a hero ready to quest for what has been lost within. The result is a re-saturation of and appreciation for life. 

A Lullaby

Director & Animator
Lauren Haug

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Associate Producer
Lucy Dunning

Daphne Ellis