Released on February 26, 2020


Ayoni is a dynamic LA-based singer-songwriter originally from Barbados. After releasing two singles in the fall of 2019, the twenty-year-old powerhouse released her debut album Iridescent in October that has since garnered hundreds of thousands of Spotify listens. Iridescent solidified Ayoni as a rising artist unfettered by the confines of genre; her sound beautifully weaving together pop, R&B, and indie. Ayoni will be joining us for our adult summer camp music festival Welcome Campers this summer, but before that, we had a chance to work with her at 4th Street Recording in LA. In the Buzzsession that followed, Ayoni enlivened the dimly-lit studio with her performance of “Rap Songs” from Iridescent as well as her powerful cover of Drake and Rihanna’s “Too Good.”

Ayoni appears ethereal in her flowing orange dress while beginning her Buzzsession with her song “Rap Songs.” The track is youthful and romantic; chroniciling a 2am hour that she describes as “lucid.” Ayoni’s soulful vocals create a nostalgia which seems powerful enough to transform the studio walls into open-windows, letting in the cold air of the night she sings of.

Next was “Too Good,” Ayoni's bluesy rendition of the widely circulated club track originally performed by Drake and Rihanna. The arc that Ayoni introduces to “Too Good” is the key to her reimagination—her tone begins melancholy, allowing the heartbreak behind the song’s lyrics to shine through, and from there her passion builds steadily, communicating the frustration of a complicated relationship as if the words were truly her own.

Nick Sokoloff
Alex Goldberg

Eric Weiner

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Nick Sokoloff
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