Arc Iris

Released on April 2, 2018

Arc Iris

Working with Providence natives Arc Iris to make this unique and captivating Buzzsession resulted in adventure through all of our most favorite soundscapes. Jocie Adams layers robust, folksy vocals against an experimental, electro-pop backsplash expertly crafted by Zach Tenorio Miller and Ray Belli. With such an enormous range in talent, it is no wonder their resume is as expansive as their abilities. Arc Iris has performed with St. Vincent, Tweedy and Kimbra. It was such a pleasure to land this ethereal group for filming at YouTube Space in Chelsea.

Their blend of acoustic instruments with almost galactic computer sounds collides the worlds of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen with Bjork and Rilo Kiley. The infinite aural landscapes Arc Iris's music can occupy is only enhanced by their avant-garde performance style. Complete with metallic costumes and bedazzled eyes, it is clear the group channels its inner David Bowie when they take the stage. While Arc Iris continues to push the boundaries of pop, their poetic, vulnerable lyricism reflects an effort to connect with listeners in a way that makes their songs as comforting as they are invigorating. The band is currently touring throughout the US and their two albums are available for streaming.

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