American Authors

Released on December 27, 2022

American Authors

What more do you need beyond friends, family and a bit of Christmas Karaoke? Holiday cheer rocks the mic in the latest single from American Authors. We’re excited to share this lyric video for you to "fa-la-la-along" with this season. Director and animator, Enne Goldstein, gifts a world that blends classic, jolly fun with alternative-rock angst. Wiggly, heart-warming doodles speak to their talent for producing youthful, energetic work. The Brooklyn-based artist is self-taught and brilliantly inclined to try new things.

Goldstein notes that Christmas Karaoke's pre-data age feel inspired many of their nostalgic imagery choices. Perhaps the heart of the video is the old-school karaoke machine, which many will recognize as a party treat from the 2000s. Other holiday curios, from snow-globes to strings of dried popcorn, grace scenes with timeless charm. Goldstein also reflected on their research of Christmas traditions and decor to include, since they themself are Jewish. Can you spot the menorah in this video?

Christmas Karaoke

Director & Animator
Enne Goldstein

Eric Weiner
Lucy Dunning

Video Commissioner
Mike Polans