Team Spirit

Released on April 25, 2015

Team Spirit

Garage rock outfit Team Spirit offers a visceral slice of dampened vocals and ringing guitars. Former Passion Pit keyboardist Ayad al-Adhamy fronts this melodic, yet adrenaline fueled proto-punk band seamlessly blends the appeal of pop rock with the harsher drum beats of the band’s self-described "power pop." After teaming up Vice Music, Team Spirit dropped a formidable LP back in September 2014.

Team Spirit is based in Brooklyn and we were able to bring them in to the since-defunct GaluminumFoil Studios. Catch them shred two of our favorite tracks, directed by the virtuoso Yujin Yohe.

Teenage Heart


Yujin Yohe

Camera Operators
Luke Thorpe
Dustin Tolman
Yujin Yohe

Engineer & Mixer
Chris Cubeta

Joel Jansen

Stephen Robinson

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie