Surfer Blood

Released on July 22, 2014

Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood’s blissed-out indie pop doesn’t evoke the carnage and terror of a shark bite. If anything, it makes us want to grab our suits and relax by the ocean while we feel the reverb-soaked longing of their songs wash over us. We had the guys join us at Manhattan music venue, Pianos, where we recorded a Buzzsession featuring their tracks “Say Yes To Me” and “Prom Song,” both of which you can check out below!

Say Yes To Me

Prom Song

Director & Editor
Joe Mischo

Camera Operators
Travis Bleen
Carly Delora
Tara Sheffer
Casey Stein
Pat Malave

Engineer & Mixer
Jon Lurie

Mastering Engineer
Rob Murray

Eric Weiner