San Fermin

Released on January 21, 2014

San Fermin

It is a cold and snowy day here in Brooklyn and with it we have the perfect Buzzsession to share. San Fermin is both simple and immensely complex. They produce incredibly constructed songs bellowed and belted by collaborating vocalists Allen Tate and Rae Cassidy in a way that has drawn comparisons to The National and Sufjan Stevens. But San Fermin is not a traditionally structured band, their driving force is not the lead guitarist or vocalist, but composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone, who writes each and every note of each and every song. The band joined us in Manhattan at Engine Room Recordings late last year where they recorded "Methuselah," which just so happens to be our favorite song of theirs.


Director & Editor
Stephen Tonti

Camera Operators
Amanda Foote
Michael Bradford
Amaya Mendizabal
Stephen Tonti
Eric Weiner

Benoit Holliger

Sean Hutchinson

Eric Weiner