Mike Mains & The Branches

Released on March 12, 2015

Mike Mains & The Branches

Detroit breakout band Mike Mains & The Branches is the musical version of a classic Ford Thunderbird. Their sound is simultaneously sleek, aggressive and retro, while embodying the quintessential American vibrato of the city they call home. The band’s leader, Mike Mains, roars with immense vocal strength and the band’s songwriting is astute and personal.

When Mike Mains & The Branches visited New York, we immediately booked them for a Buzzsession at the formidable Mirrortone Studios. We decided to switch up the musical arrangement and challenged Mike to play two of his favorite tracks solo and acoustic. The result is a mesmerizing display of raw energy that hits the listener right between the eyes.

By My Side


Director & Producer
Stephen Robinson

Camera Operators
Joel Kingsbury
Stephen Robinson
Yujin Yohe

Engineer & Mixer
Roman Molino-Dunn

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie

Taylor Napier