Released on October 17, 2013


Three years ago when we had just begun shooting our sessions, we took a trip out to California. It was there that Forrest Kline and his band Hellogoodbye welcomed us into their home and spent the day sharing stories as if we had been friends for years. There was a genuine kindness in everyone we were able to spend time with that I will personally never forget. That afternoon, after eating some Thai food and playing with their dog, we filmed a Buzzsession in his living roomHellogoodbye was just about to release their incredibly fun and endearing sophomore album, Would It Kill You?, an album that really is incredible but did not explode in popularity as his debut had a few years earlier. Fast forward three years and Hellogoodbye is just about ready to release their third album. Lucky for us, Forrest took the time to meet me in Park Slope for a session featuring two infectious tracks off that album, Everything Is Debatable, available on October 29.

(Everything Is) Debatable

The Magic Hour Is Now

Director & Editor
Eric Weiner

Camera Operators
Stephen Tonti
Lanny Huang
Dominick Mastrangelo
Eric Weiner

Engineer & Mixer
Myles Rodenhouse

Mastering Engineer
Jake Rodenhouse