Artwork by ADAM KESNER



For Christmas this year, we wanted to do something very special for our viewers.  We couldn’t think of anything more meaningful to us than our friends and family so we decided to film a Honey I’m Home session with our close friends, Brooklyn’s own Lucius.  Not only are they our dearest friends but they are also a part of The Wild Honey Pie family as each and every one of our Honey I’m Home sessions is shot in their home, produced by the gorgeous Jess Wolfe (vocals in Lucius), and mixed by the talented Dan Molad (drums in Lucius).  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Enjoy both videos, including their previously unreleased track “Two Of Us On The Run”, below and snag the free downloads using the Soundcloud embed.

‘Honey I’m Home’ is a live session series made by The Wild Honey Pie.  With each new episode, we welcome a different band into Sounds Like A Fire home studio in Brooklyn and record intimate versions of two or three songs which are given away for free.

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PRODUCER Eric Weiner
VIDEOGRAPHER Daniel Guillaro
SOUND Dan Molad


  • George Tildesley

    I can’t seem to download anything, any help? :)

  • Steven Spencer

    Fantastic! Look forward to it’s arrival!

  • Eric Weiner

    Your Lucius album is on its way!

  • Steven Spencer

    Email sent :)

  • Steven Spencer

    Sorry Eric for the really slow replies. Been very busy recently with Uni and work etc. I’ll pop you an e-mail to get the ball rolling!

  • Eric Weiner

    What’s your email?

  • Eric Weiner

    Email me and I’ll send a copy over. I couldn’t get it signed but it’s a physical CD, so at least there’s that! :)

  • Steven Spencer

    That would be fantastic!

  • Eric Weiner

    My pleasure! Want a signed copy of their album?

  • Eric Weiner

    It should be working now! Check the Soundcloud embed above. :)

  • Samantha Shank

    Did any one figure out how to download?

  • Steven Spencer

    I shall do, thanks for the prompt response!

  • Eric Weiner

    Sorry Steven! Email me and I’ll send you the recordings!

  • Steven Spencer

    I’m having similar problems. No download/listen feature is showing up!

  • Melissa A Dana

    Wow, what a fast response! Sure, I’ll email you. Thanks!

  • Eric Weiner

    Hey Melissa, it’s not just you, we’re fixing this feature on the site and making it much better. Email me and we’ll sort this out? hello [at] thewildhoneypie [dot] com

  • Melissa A Dana

    I’ve been listening to these on YouTube for months and came here to finally download them. Is it me or are the download links not showing?

  • David Timbs

    I’m an Lucius addict. My new find for our NZ summer.

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