Kat Cunning

Released on October 24, 2018

Kat Cunning

Kat Cunning's new music video for her single "Stay on the Line" pairs the 70s and sensuality in a perfectly modern way. Our very own Brenna Perez directed this colorful and hazy video which gives us everything from a steamy romance in wood-paneled bedrooms to choreographed dance sequences on the beach. This music video not only highlights Kat Cunning as an artist, but also showcases the waves she's making in bringing queer love to mainstream platforms. 

As you watch you'll see that the undeniable chemistry between the two lovers is simultaneously pure and sexy while also thrilling. As a dinner party and Buzzsession alum it's no secret that we're big fans of Kat Cunning and we won't hesitate to keep showing you why. Check out the fun and stunning music video for “Stay on the Line” and also follow her on social media to keep up with this artist extraordinaire!

Stay on the Line


Deco Media

Shane Duckworth

Alberto Sala

Megan Masur

1st AC
Stacy Mize

Production Manager
Louisa Mardirossian

Associate Producer
Eric Weiner

Damani Pompey
Sarah Mettin
Alexis Evans Kreuger