Blake Mills

Released on August 28, 2012

Blake Mills

During one of his recent stopovers in New York while on tour with Fiona Apple, we had the pleasure of having the very busy Blake Mills down to the Ditmas Park home studio of Dan Molad. As a summer storm rolled in, Blake set up with just his acoustic guitar and blew us away with a fantastic recording of "It'll All Work Out" and a new song called "Don’t Tell Your Friends About Me."

The room, which we cleared out save for a vintage television, served as a sparse and simple space in which to showcase his earnest and beautiful songs. The thunderstorm, which I was worried was going to be a major problem, ended up complimenting "It'll All Work Out" incredibly well.

It'll All Work Out

Don't Tell Your Friends About Me

Director & Editor
Alex Munro

Eric Weiner
Jess Wolfe

Camera Operators
Oresti Tsonopoulos
Alex Munro

Engineer & Mixer
Dan Molad