Zola Jesus Put on a Fiery Show in Brooklyn [Photos]

Photos by Julia Drummond

Seeing Zola Jesus, aka Nika Danilova, in concert is always such a treat. The mysterious electro-pop singer took the stage wearing a white cloak and carrying Taiga X Blackbird incense that was created to match the essence of her new album Taiga. She was backlit by beautiful projections from the visual genius Joshua Davis, leaving only her silhouette visible. Beginning the set with “Taiga”, she followed with more tunes from her latest record, her voice, powerful as always, filling the room with it’s beautiful sound.

Danilova’s performance was fiery, verging on shamanistic. Though she started with her slow, strong vocals, she quickly erupted into ferocious headbanging, as the track focused on the drum ‘n’ bass instrumental. She climbed speakers, jumped off of them and made it almost impossible to figure out her facial expressions. Undoubtedly, Zola Jesus is an incredible performer that captivates from the moment she takes the stage, making it absolutely impossible to look away.

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