Young Mister’s Americana-Influenced Track ‘Anybody Out There’ [Stream]

Young Mister, otherwise known as Steve Fiore (and friends), just released his self-titled album last week. The collection of Americana-tinged tracks is the perfect antidote for those lonely highway drives — whether you’re driving along the coast in California or here in New York, wishing you were on the Pacific Coast Highway. “Anybody Out There,” a standout on the album, is captivating with semi-psychedelic vocal sounds and folk-leaning background instrumentals, paying homage to the all too familiar “sound of silence” that “signals the curtain call.” The song as a whole sounds surprisingly uplifting for one about desire just out of reach. While the hook may keep you smiling and singing along, though, the lyrics will keep you longing for your certain “anybody,” whomever that may be.

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