You Won’t’s Wonderfully Absurd New Video for ‘No Divide’ [Video]

The ridiculously fun You Won’t have continued their tradition of releasing wonderful videos with their newest for “No Divide”. The duo proved they were willing to go full madcap for a good laugh, including powdered wigs, makeup and sweet dance moves, in “Ya Ya Ya”, and while the powdered wigs are gone (replaced by ones that are no less ridiculous), the dance moves live on — along with costume changes that range from a matador and bull to Elvis. Did I mention that there are multiple toy monkeys playing cymbals to the beat of the song?

The track, which is off of their forthcoming second LP Revolutionaries (out April 29), is as light and fun as the visuals, filled with infectious melodies and a hum-able chorus. If this is just a tease of what their upcoming album has in store, fans are in for an absurd but delightful treat.

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