Yoke Lore Binds Us Together with ‘HEAVY LOVE’ [Stream]

Brooklyn-based Adrian Galvin returns music to its roots with his storytelling project, Yoke Lore. A study in “the stories of how we are bound,” the upcoming EP, Far Shore, debuts with “HEAVY LOVE”, a montage of mundane, scattered memories. Using seemingly simple sentences with complex, metaphorical undertones, Gavin chronicles the daily occurrences, interactions and relationships that shape each of us as we go about our lives.

Sonically giving weight to these ordinary experiences, the song greets emotion with open arms, disclosing to its listeners that each memory, the good, the bad, and the heavy, inherently molds and contours who we are as individuals. And though we may not realize what’s happening at the time, HEAVY LOVE also reveals through its lyrical storytelling that we’re composed of the people that surround us, the events that we’ve experienced and the images that we’ve seen.

When put together, these pieces construct a story, a narrative as unique and peculiar as the person living through it. But more importantly, “HEAVY LOVE” conveys that these small, but impactful moments affect the way we connect with the people around us.

Far Shore is available for download and on limited edition 10” vinyl May 6, but you can preorder at B3SCI Records.

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