Quick post for you all.  After sorting through the many albums released in the past couple weeks, here’s a list of the few tracks from a few of our favorites.  What albums have caught your attention? Are you still drunk from the 4th of July?  Did you blow off any of your appendages lighting off fireworks?

1.  Blake Mills’ Break Mirrors — MUST HAVE SONGS — Wintersong, Hey Lover (below), Cheers, History of My Life

2. Thieves Like Us’ Again and Again — MUST HAVE SONGS — Shyness (below), Love Saves, Forget Me Not

3.  Forest City Lovers’ Carraige — MUST HAVE SONGS — If I Were a Tree (below), Keep The Kids Inside, Light You Up

4.  Maps & Atlases’ Perch Patchwork — MUST HAVE SONGS — Israeli Caves, Carrying the Wet Wood (below), Solid Ground

5.  Department of Eagles’ Brightest Minds

6.  Wolf Parade’s Expo 86 — MUST HAVE SONGS — Pobody’s Perfect, Ghost Pressure (below), What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)

Each of the above albums is amazing in its own right, and are all incredibly different.  Bubbly indie pop (Forest City Lovers), math rock (Maps & Atlases), electronic (Thieves Like Us), a bit of everything indie rock slash post-punk revival (Wolf Parade) all coexisting perfectly.  How pleasant.

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