It has been about a year since we’ve heard anything from the X Ambassadors and we are thrilled that the wait is over. Their newest released single, “Renegades,” already got picked up by a Jeep commercial that was release in March.  This smooth and melodious song comes off the album VHS – on pre-order status on iTunes now.  The LP will be released June 23rd but in the meantime, we can enjoy the video for this most recent track.

The video – and the music – echoes the feeling behind the words.  To be a renegade – to be the one that opposes the status quo or to be the one that betrays the norm – is a lonely place to be. It’s a worthy cause: to be different, and it’s one that needs to be celebrated.  This video very clearly addresses the solitude of being a renegade at the same time that the vocals and melodies motivates you to do so.

  • TvC

    I agree. It’s like it’s stuck on repeat.

  • jason

    I hate that song already. When I hear it every 5 minutes on TV it gets on my nerves. Living like a Renegade…with Chrysler that is. a Dumb one !

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