Witness the Conflict of Misplaced Love in AURORA’s ‘I Went Too Far’ [Video]

We all, in ourselves, have a capacity for both hope and hopelessness. And most of us struggle with which to feel on an almost daily basis. This struggle is represented beautifully in AURORA’s new video, for the song “I Went Too Far” off her recently-released album, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend. Two versions of the 20-year-old Norwegian songstress appear in the video — one, clean, dressed in all silver, standing on a seemingly infinite ladder in the middle of the ocean in the pure daylight, and the other in sullied blackened clothing, in a darkened cavern that is later revealed to hold a portion of that same ladder. As the song progresses through the stages of grief of being treated poorly — self-blame, bargaining and eventually acceptance — each version of the singer becomes stronger. Eventually, both climb the ladder, only to pass on opposite sides somewhere in the middle, above the ocean.

As the hopeful AURORA climbs, the hopeless AURORA also climbs, albeit in the opposite direction. The video ends on the dirty AURORA climbing into the water, presumably shedding herself of the baggage of those who have wronged her. AURORA‘s song and video act as a reflection on the realization that, regardless of how much you love someone, and regardless of how well you treat them, your actions will not necessarily be reciprocated or given notice. And at that point, no matter how difficult it is, it’s on you and only you to let go.

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