WILLS Bring The Energy with Latest Track ‘Woes vs. Whoas’ [Stream]

It seems silly to lazily categorize WILLS’ latest track, “Woes vs. Whoas,” under a singular genre. It’s experimental trip hop, it’s new wave punk, it’s garage rock, it’s all of the above and none of the above — it’s singular and it is all encompassing. In “Woes vs. Whoas,” there are lines that speak to not only an intense feeling of desire, but also to WILLS directly, as the unique artist he is and the recognition of self-identity this song could stand for. In any case, this song will surely make you notice WILLS, a musician of distinctive artistry in his own deserving light.

WILLS incorporates unconventional sounds, like distorted wind instrumentals, haunting human screams and sharp hand claps, in “Woes vs. Whoas” that make for a sort of turbulent backdrop. These instrumentals are enough to make you understand WILLS’ plea to have someone notice him, but the lines of lyrics that stand uninterrupted by instrumental breaks or pauses for breath are what truly stand out. Lyrics like, “there was only one Me you could know, and this is my only Me,” and “guarantee that you’ll notice me” convey the passionate desire WILLS is singing about. His vocals are pungent and lucid when he makes desperate demands for notoriety, and you’ll see why when you stream the track above.

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