Wilder Maker Make Perfect DIY Indie with ‘No Xmas in Bushwick’ [Stream]

You need to listen to Wilder Maker. And not just because Ryan Adams openly professes his love for the band on their social media. Wilder Maker is the fuzzy sound you need to keep you warm when you’re caught out cold in a Monday rain, mulling over picayune infidelities of the day. They are above the modest tags slopped across their Bandcamp page that semi-ironically read “diy rock bedroom pop longform songwriter.”

On “No Xmas in Bushwick”, the jaded Leonard Cohen sneer in Gabriel Birnbaum’s voice compassionately wraps itself around the narrative as he describes the life of a worn man who “lives a thousand lives before he goes to work.” A folky guitar line reaffirms your faith in humanity as Katie Von Schleicher’s background vocals chime in to console. And suddenly, despite being drenched in a Monday rain, Bushwick doesn’t seem all that cold anymore.

Listen to their new EP, Every Crimes Against Objects of Desire, Vol. II (and, goes without saying, the Vol. I) here.

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