Wild Child Has Us Belting Out ‘Break Bones’ [Stream]

Wild Child – Break Bones

Wild Child’s new track, “Break Bones”, will have you belting out the words almost immediately, probably while on a lonely, dark drive to nowhere. Most of the album, Fools, was written about breakups and heartaches, and this song is no different. Instead of moving on, though, it’s about hanging on…even when you shouldn’t. “Break bones / we slam phones / scream and yell through the closed doors” begins the first verse, and we find ourselves with relatable memory-pains through the chorus: “Maybe you and I will never learn / I hope this fight just never ends.”

Sonically, it’s not at all depressing. The melodious piano chords give the tune a strong presence, the space before the bridge puts us in an anticipatory state of mind, and the drums bring us right to the climactic chorus. The vocals are delicate and sweet, leaving us feeling comforted that these feelings are universal.

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