White Denim Played a Blistering Set at Bowery Ballroom [Photos]

Photos by Makena Cummings

White Denim and Sam Cohen played two consecutive shows at Bowery Ballroom this week, both of them sold-out, packed to the gills performances that met the hype of White Denim’s known-to-be-amazing live experience. The band may not spend much time chatting between songs or building a verbal rapport with the audience, but they more than make up for that when the music begins. Littered with blistering guitar lines, frantic percussion and effortlessly cool and soulful vocals, the band delivers their live material with vigor and style that somehow supersedes their already energetic recordings. Fans were treated to new tracks from Stiff, and were even thrown onto the emotional roller coaster of a Prince medley towards the end. Few bands have the chops to do “Let’s Go Crazy” justice, but White Denim more than managed to pull it off.

White Denim
Sam Cohen
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