Weslee’s ‘Gassed’ is Hypnotically Enigmatic [Stream]

October 11, 2016 Comments Off on Weslee’s ‘Gassed’ is Hypnotically Enigmatic [Stream]

Not much is known about weslee, except that the artist’s track “Gassed” was featured on FX’s series “You’re The Worst”. With no social presence and little information associated with weslee’s name, the mystery and anonymity that surrounds the artist only adds to the allure – and “Gassed” signifies this enigmatic  appeal. The piece is slow and hypnotic, and actively creates suspense by heightening anticipation through rolling crescendos that peak at the chorus. Compounded with sultry synths, alternative beats and beguiling vocals, “Gassed” seductively lures you in, enticing you with every beat, word and breath. 

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