Lullaby – Wes Swing

At Bowery Electric last night, time felt as though it was standing still.  Wes Swing (@wesswingmusic), a somberly sweet singer songwriter played to an attentive gathering of fans.  This group of New Yorkers sat quietly as they lost themselves in the melodic music.  Playing songs from their debut album Through a Fogged Glass, Wes Swing showed his passion for the strings.  With a beautifully soft layering including cello and violin, this Virginia-based band has a powerfully subtle way to keep you musically intrigued.

Songs named “Lullaby”, “Sleeping Moon” and “Instrumental” give you an idea of the gentle nature of their musical style.  With a hint of folk, Swing also can remind you of the other great artists like Iron & Wine, Other Lives and Bon Iver, who have mastered the slow but addicting draw of the power of hearing each note.  As though every inch of their music has meaning and depth without a flashy outer-coating.

Although it maybe hard for most of us to stop and truly listen, “Through a Fogged Glass” is an album that can easily make its way into our playlists.  Whether home or sitting in a park somewhere, this music gives an audio backdrop that would make your eyes want to follow your ears and find the beauty all around.

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