Weeks Top Releases April 1, 2016

While the temptation to April Fools you and say that some band we loved has reunited and released a surprise new album, we realized pretty quickly that basically everyone has reunited and probably released a meh new album already. Bands that broke up four years ago are reuniting to the kind of fanfare that was once reserved for Pavement. Plus, a joke would take away from the gems we’re working with this week! Indie mainstays Andrew Bird and Explosions in the Sky have new albums that promise to help make your moments of concentration more intense, Frankie Cosmos continues her domination of all things underground with a new release, John Congleton of producer fame steps into the spotlight with an album full of music just as great as the music he helps others create. The biggest stories though are the returns of some favorites – Black Mountain are back with their prog-rock fourth album. They’ve been away for about four years, so it’s sure to be interesting if nothing else. And Weezer’s The White Album album. We’re torn about this one — a part of us that wants to live in a world where they stopped recording at the turn of the century, but we were a little fond of Everything Will Be Alright. Check out the playlist below and be sure to follow it on Spotify so you can get our picks for best releases every Friday.


Andrew Bird – Are You Serious


Black Mountain – IV


Explosions in the Sky – The Wilderness


Frankie Cosmos – Next Thing

frankie art

John Congleton & the Nighty Nite – Until the Horror Goes



Weezer – The White Album


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