We Partnered with Harpoon to Make the Ultimate Summer Playlists

There’s nothing that can kill a good party faster than the wrong vibe. There’s also nothing more stressful than picking the perfect playlist for the vibe that you want. We teamed up with Harpoon Brewery to┬ácurate six playlists that set the mood perfectly for all the different get-togethers that summer can bring. Whether you need indie-pop gems for a pool party, jock jam favorites for a hardcore game night, a rager-ready mix for a kegger, light atmospheric synths for cocktail lounge or guitar twang for a potluck, we have you covered.

Most importantly, though, Harpoon also has a quiz for you to figure out exactly what type of summer partier you are. Just click here, answer a few quick questions, and get taken to your perfect playlist.

The Lounge

The Potluck

The Pool Party

The Kegger

The Tournament

The Theme Party

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