WATERS Stunned at Mercury Lounge [Photos]

Photos by Sophie Hsu

Not often do established bands get the opportunity to play small, intimate shows at venues like Mercury Lounge, especially amidst a larger tour. WATERS and CRUISR stunned the crowd with their jubilant rhythms and melodies, even for an early show. Formed in Philadelphia, CRUISR shared hits from their EP All Over, leaving the crowd chanting for one more and receiving, “That’s all we got!”

To get the crowd ready for their set, WATERS’ keyboard player Sara handed out flowers and threw them out into the crowd. With their humble yet energetic personalities, they sought the attendees to join them, with Van sharing, “It would make my heart feel very good if you guys all sang along.”

In addition to the songs on their EP It All Might Be OK and debut record What’s Real, they treated the crowd to “Up Up Up”, the latest release from their new EP, Up Up Up. For a small band, WATERS constantly continues to blossom in both their sound and live show.