WATERS Come to Life With Anthemic ‘Molly Is A Babe’ [Video]

WATERS are back with another jagged, anthemic rocker. “Molly is a Babe” amplifies what already makes the band such a riveting, pummeling listen: the wall of guitars, Van Pierszalowski’s howling, the rest of the band’s chanting vocals, the scream-along choruses. Screeching alt-rock guitars drive the whole thing forward, and midway through, a dissonant piano echoes the reckless lyrics. The song evokes a few cuts from their last LP What’s Real like the throttling “I Feel Everything” or the upbeat “Rebel Yell,” not to mention Out in the Light‘s “Ones You Had Before.”

In anticipation of their full-length Something More!, WATERS keep the mood youthful and light, clearly a template that’s served the band well across three albums. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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